Cremation Services, Glasgow

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54, Cowgate, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow

step-by-step guide

1. Call us

Firstly, speak to us, we can discuss the options and explain what needs to be done.

What you need to do to get started

  • register the death at any Registrars Office (we will need to FORM 14)

What we can start to organise for you

  • the doctors' cremation documents of Fiscal's authority to cremate

2. We send you all the necessary paperwork

What we send you

  • detailed instructions on what to do
  • the application form for cremation for you to sign
  • a full invoice for the funeral

What you need to do

  • complete and sign the application form for cremation
  • send the FORM 14 from the registrar, application form (and cd if you want one played) to the crematorium
  • send or arrange payment for the funeral

3. Paying for the funeral

  • we take payment upfront
  • you can pay by debit or credit card, direct bank transfer or cash
  • once the payment has cleared, the funeral time can be confirmed

4. Funeral arrangements

What we do

  • collect and deliver the doctors' cremation documentation
  • collect the deceased from the hospital
  • place the deceased in our simple oak coffin
  • deliver the coffin to the crematorium

What you can do yourself

  • organise viewing at the hospital before we come to collect the deceased
  • place an obituary in the local newspaper

5. Ashes

  • after 24 hours, you can collect the ashes at the crematorium (ashes kept up to 1 month)